SK Presents: No Greater LOyalty

*Warning: NO GREATER LOYALTY is an erotic romance drama and not intended for anyone under the age of 18 years old. Contents include explicit language, explicit scenes and adult sexual situations (MMF). 

In SHADOWS OF DECEIT, Dominick discovers he has a son he never knew existed. The brief affair with Isabella Cruz that produced the child happened twelve years ago. Now, Isabella is dead. Her sister, Melania Cruz, is the head of a dangerous Mexican drug cartel and blames Dominick for Isabella’s death. She vows vengeance for her sister… and she’s using Dominick’s son to get it.

Angelo LaCroix is a man that few dare to cross. He has already warned Melania that his family is off limits. However, with the history the two of them share, he knows it’s only a matter of time before she comes after his brother to satisfy her misguided thirst for revenge. Angel is not about to let that happen. There’s no greater loyalty than that which is given to family, and Angel will protect his to the end.

The Sin City Heat Series is back and hotter than ever! In NO GREATER LOYALTY, the men and women of Sin City Heat face the threat of unbelievable danger. Relationships will be tested. While struggling to strengthen the fragile bonds of trust, not everyone will escape the fire unscathed.

Get ready to feel the HEAT!

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Excerpt, Sins and Betrayals

I’d originally given a date of July 18th as the release date, but my editor has finished earlier than expected, so I’m looking to possibly release the book early, around July 13th, yay! Will post the date here and on Facebook (Author SK). Enjoy the excerpt for those who haven’t read it yet:

She noticed he was holding her engagement ring in his hand, casually twisting it around and around. The brilliance of the humongous diamond flashed and twinkled in the dim lighting of the room every time it moved.

Triniti had taken it off before he came over and placed it on the glass tray that sat on her nightstand. She’d known what she was about to do was wrong and couldn’t compound the action by wearing her fiancé’s ring while she slept with another man…even if it was her ex-husband.

Triniti reluctantly brought her eyes to his, trying to figure out what was running though his mind as he continued to stare at her. A shiver of apprehension turned into a tight, nervous pain in her stomach when he didn’t speak.

“Ian?” She watched as he continued to play with the ring. Her nervousness increased.

Triniti sat up, holding the sheet in place to cover her breasts and tried to wait for him to say something. Finally, unable to take his quiet observation of her any longer, the question that she wanted him to answer tumbled out of her mouth.

“What are you doing with my ring?”

Ian’s hand stilled. His attention switched to the ring then back to her. “Nice rock.”

Triniti fidgeted on the bed as her eyes flitted around the room, anywhere but at him. Staring down at her fingers, which were smoothing nonexistent wrinkles from the sheet, she gathered up the courage to meet his penetrating gaze. Hunching her shoulder, she said in a quiet voice, “It’s okay I guess.”

Ian’s brows shot up. “Okay?” He let out a low whistle. “Well if this is just okay, I’d hate to know what you thought about the engagement ring I gave you.”

Triniti wanted to tell him that she would’ve taken that ring any given day over the one Julius had bought for her. In fact, she still had her wedding set. She kept them in a ring box that was buried deep behind other items on her closet shelf.

However, she refrained from saying any of that. Until she knew where he was going with this, she was going to say as little as possible.

Ian looked at the ring again, seemingly admiring the flawless diamond. “So when’s the wedding?”

“Ian…” His name came out in a low whisper.

“Just curious.” A hard glint entered his eyes as he repeated the question in a rough voice. “When is it?”

Still not knowing what he was getting at, Triniti reluctantly answered. “New Year’s Eve.”

Ian cocked his left eyebrow. “New Year’s Eve. Guess you plannin’ on makin’ it a real celebration huh, princess?”

“Please don’t.”.

“Bet it’s gonna be the biggest social event of the year. One o’ those fancy shindigs. Not like the ten minute ceremony we had at the justice of the peace. Eh, chère?”

“Ian, can we not talk about this if you don’t mind.”

“Why? I mean, every woman deserves to be spoiled, to have the wedding of her dreams, and I couldn’t give you that. I hope you’ll be very happy, Triniti.”

“Will you stop?” She looked at him, pleading for understanding.

“Stop what? I haven’t spoken anything but the truth. I do want you to be happy.”

“Are you saying it doesn’t bother you that I’m marrying Julius?”

“Should it?” Ian chuckled. “If you like it, I love it, princess.”

Triniti could feel the anxiety of a few moments ago disappearing. Now, she was more than a little irritated. He could at least act as if he were upset about it. She held out her hand towards him. “I’d like my ring, please.”

Ian’s eyes flashed with an emotion that she would’ve any other time associated with anger. But it was gone so quickly, Triniti thought she must have imagined it when he shrugged and stood up. Coming over to the side of the bed, he dropped the ring into her open palm then just watched her.

Triniti started to slip it back on her finger just to be contrary, but the rebellious thought was short lived. Although Ian’s stance appeared to be nonchalant, he gave off a dangerous vibe that made her wary and hesitant. It screamed out that he was poised and ready to spring into action at any moment; if she knew him the way she thought she knew him…

Sighing, Triniti peeked at him through her lashes, then leaned over and placed the ring back on the glass tray. Proving that she’d been correct in her observation, she saw him visibly relax and throw her a hard glare that told her she’d fucking done the right thing.

Triniti gnawed at the corner of her lip, trying to find a way to alleviate the thick tension in the room. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand: 1:30 a.m.

“Why don’t you come back to bed? You can’t have gotten much rest…” The statement sounded weak even to her ears, and when she saw the corner of his mouth lift in a smirk, she knew he’d read between the lines.

Ian’s expression conveyed the fact that he knew she wanted more dick and it would be pointless to pretend otherwise. He had sexed her for hours. He wasn’t gonna lie, he was no better than she, he couldn’t get enough. The only thing tonight had done was whet his appetite in preparation for a feast.

And fuck it. He was ready to eat again.

Sins and Betrayals by SK
July 2013

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Sins and Betrayals, Available July 2013

Hello everyone!

I don’t have an exact release date yet, but Sins and Betrayals will be a stand alone book released towards the end of next month. I will definitely post the date as soon as I have it written in stone. Thank you! :)

Sins and Betrayals by SK
Available July 2013~

Raised in the southern region of Louisiana, Ian Bertrand was familiar with the poisonous snakes and vicious alligators that roamed the muddy marshlands and swamps. He didn’t give them a second thought because they were dangers he had handled all his life. However, the two legged creatures he should’ve taken heed to had been able to slip up on him because they hid behind masks of deep seated jealousy and pure evil…

Set up and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Ian was thrown into prison, ripped away from his family and the life he’d built with his pregnant wife, Triniti. He was determined to fight his conviction, but when Triniti filed for divorce, that one act alone destroyed him more than any 6 by 8 ft. cell ever could have.

Born into a wealthy family where status is everything, Triniti had gone against what was expected of her and fallen for the sexy Cajun from the bayou. At one time, she’d loved Ian Bertrand with a fierceness that had consumed her very soul. He had swept her off her feet from the moment their eyes connected; Triniti had been positive that the two of them would be together until the day they took their last breaths.

But that was part of her past. She had moved on and was now engaged to be married to the pastor of the largest up and coming mega-church in the south. After Ian had been arrested for murder, the evidence at his trial exposed a lifestyle she’d been unaware of. Doubt had set in and slowly eaten away at the lining of her once firmly rooted trust. When the judge sentenced him to life without the possibility of parole, she’d suffered a devastating loss in more ways than one. In an instant, not only had Ian been taken away from her forever…she’d miscarried their unborn child.

Now, after serving six years of his sentence, Ian was back, free due to a technicality in the justice system. He’s returned to New Orleans, bound and determined to extract his own brand of revenge on those responsible for callously ruining his life.

And he was starting with his ex-wife, Triniti Montclair.

© Sins and Betrayals
July 2013

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YAY!!! Released one day early!!Barnes and Noble shouldn’t be far behind!

The order of the series goes as follows:


And now, the Sin City Heat crew is back at it again with SHADOWS OF DECEIT…

Just when the lives of the three couples we’ve grown to know and love seem to be as close to perfection as they can possibly get it…all hell breaks loose.

A devastating occurrence from Aleesha’s past rears its ugly head, spawning hot anger and wary mistrust in Marcus. He struggles to reconcile the woman he thought he knew to the woman he’s beginning to learn some harsh truths about. Even so, the two of them made vows that they intend to keep…for better or worse. Struggling to overcome their obstacles, things are on their way to getting back on track when the unthinkable happens. So much has been forgiven already. There’s a limit to how much a marriage can take before the rocky terrain becomes too rough to travel.

Darrell realizes how much he’s hurt Jerra, but he now knows nothing is more important than his family. Nothing. He grew up in an orphanage and then became a young pupil of the streets of Philly all because of the selfish actions of one woman: his mother, Tina Monroe. Now she’s back, wanting to make amends and right the wrongs she’s done, but that’s one chapter Darrell refuses to reopen. However, a life changing circumstance turns all of his well laid intentions into a tailspin…especially when Tina divulges a well-kept secret that makes him question everything he ever thought he knew about her.

Dominick and Keisha’s lives are enhanced by the arrival of the newest member of their household, but their baby is not enough to calm the storm brewing in their marriage. All couples go through growing pains, and the Spains are determined to work past theirs. They are on the way to doing just that when Dominick discovers past actions of his youth have birthed consequences that will change his and Keisha’s lives forever. He also realizes he’s more like his brother, Angelo, than he thought. And that’s not what Keisha signed up for.

Get ready to take another drama filled ride with Marcus and Aleesha, Darrell and Jerra, & Dominick and Keisha. As is always the case when escaping with ~SK~…nothing is ever what it seems!


Enjoy and thank you!

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Sneak Preview of Being Barron: Reed and Skye is posted

I hope you enjoy the excerpt of Book 2 in the Barron Series! I wrote this story a couple fo years ago, but the novel will be longer and different from the original. Don’t forget, SHADOWS OF DECEIT will be available on January 30th! Cant wait for everyone to read it. A little nervous, but still anxious, LOL

Have a great weekend and Happy New year!! <3


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I was up late last night writing thinking about how sexxxy my Men of Sin City Heat are and decided to post of couple of excerpts from sexxxy moments from SHADOWS OF DECEIT:

The SEXY Men of Sin City Heat (Marcus)
The SEXY Men of Sin City Heat (Darrell)
The SEXY Men of Sin City Heat (Dominick)

Hope you enjoy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!


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New Excerpt Posted: Sin City Heat’s Men Behaving Badly – Darrell Monroe!

Hello fam!

I posted a taste of an excerpt for your enjoyment. Now, it’s just an appetizer so that’s why I say ‘a taste’! LOL! I have to say I love each and every character so much. They all have their own individual personalities and idiosyncrasies!

Marcus is the calm one who’s emotions tremble just beneath the surface unless he’s pushed. Darrell is very passionate, acts first then thinks later, and Dom is a combination of the two. He tries to keep the peace but will lose his temper with a quickness. His and Angel’s temperaments are similar, except Angel is cold and calculating!! Brrrrrr….. I love them all equally, though! One day, I plan to maybe write an prequel of the ladies stories! I think that would be very interesting!

Hope you enjoy the excerpt and happy holidays to each and every one of you! Muahhh!!!! Much luv!!


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Books by SK

Several people have asked me about the order of the SIN CITY HEAT SERIES. The books go as follows:


All books are available for download as E-books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. My author page on Amazon is:

Just cut and paste the URL.

Much love and thank you for supporting me! Don’t forget to help me spread the word to anyone who would like to feel the HEAT! :)


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Get Ready for the Ride!

I see from the comments posted here and on my blog that those who read the excerpt enjoyed it?? But y’all really didn’t expect me to reveal the root of the drama going on with Marcus and Aleesha, did you?? Tsk, Tsk, Tsk ;-)

However, I will say the excerpt posted is the start of the first chapter, so it’s gonna be on and poppin from the word Go… And it’s only going to get deeper! :D

The release date is January 30th. I’ll be posting a synopsis soon, but as I said on my previous blog post, Darrell will be on the post on my blog, I stated that Darrell will be confronting issues that have long since plagued and affected him whether he’s wanted to admit it or not, but just as he finds closure, a bombshell is dropped on him that changes everything.

Dom and Keisha face growing pains and adjustments as parents and in their marriage. After a life changing revelation, Keisha realizes that Dom is more like Angelo than he cares to admit. The blood that runs through their veins is thick and true! But if we know Keisha McKnight Spain the way we THINK we know her, she is not a woman who can be handled! The drama for these two couples will continue in SCH Book 6, Summer 2013!

So many exciting things to look forward to: a stand alone novel after SHADOWS OF DECEIT, BEING BARRON, Book 2 (Reed & Skye), Hawk & Raven’s story, just to name a few that are going through my head!

So buckle up, strap in and get ready to ride with SK in 2013!

Have a great day, family! #SINCITYHEAT

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SHADOWS OF DECEIT, Sin City Heat Series Book 5

Finally, closer to the release date of another installment in the Sin City Heat series, which is tentatively scheduled for January 30! I haven’t even told my Facebook fam that yet, lol!

I’ve posted an excerpt from the book, which is actually parts of the beginning of Chapter 1 to show you that things get poppin quick! As always, I try to keep the story fast paced with plenty of drama. I fell in love with Marcus Bennett all over again. Book 5 will focus mainly on him and Aleesha, with a crazy twist to their story… And I mean Ca-razy!

Darrell will come full circle, confronting a chapter in his life that’s haunted him for some time. (and no, it’s not Roni). Just as quickly, , a shocking secret is revealed which will turn his world into a tailspin. The same goes for Dom. Their stories will somewhat intertwine and continue in Book 6 slated for release Summer 2013.

I hope you enjoy the excerpt and are ready to ride with me once again on the hot journey that can only be taken with SIN CITY HEAT!

Much luv, and thank you for the support!!!!


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